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2006 Oscar for Foreign Language Film: the nominees are...

For those who don’t know, the Academy has Special Rules for the Best Foreign Language Film Award. Essentially, the five official nominees in this category are not chosen by general ballot of Academy members, but by a special committee. However, the committee doesn’t have free rein to nominate any foreign-language film it likes; it has to choose from among films submitted by their own country. And each country can submit only one film, as described in the official rules (see link above) and this interesting article from IndieWire last year.

The deadline for countries to submit a non-English film to be considered for nomination passed on October 3. The Academy has not released an official list of all the films submitted, but some of them are listed here.

Of the ones in that list, I've seen:

Caché (a.k.a. Hidden) [Austria];
Adam’s Apples [Denmark];
Mother of Mine [Finland];
Kissed by Winter [Norway]; and
The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu [Romania].

In addition, I might still theoretically catch these others at VIFF:

L’Enfant (a.k.a. The Child) [Belgium];
C.R.A.Z.Y. [Canada];
Play [Chile];
Viva Cuba! [Cuba];
Paradise Now [Palestine];
Be With Me [Singapore];
The City of the Sun [Slovakia]; and
All Winter Without Fire (a.k.a. A Long Winter Without Fire) [Switzerland].

EDITED TO ADD: (Oct. 14, 2005): I've now seen Play (which I didn't like) and All Winter Without Fire (which I did). Planning to see Paradise Now today, but I'll probably skip L'Enfant since it's a gala and my pass won't be accepted.

Via I came across, which has all kinds of detail on the known submissions for the Foreign-Language Oscar: Afghanistan to Fiji; Finland to Norway; and Palestine to Vietnam.

EDITED TO ADD: I somehow left Fateless [Hungary's submission] out of this post originally. I've seen that, and also Paradise Now, so that makes a total of nine that I've seen from the submissions for the Foreign-Language Oscar. Also I found a discussion of these issues at GoldDerby Forums.
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