Mathew Englander (mathew5000) wrote,
Mathew Englander

2010 movies — top ten list

Here’s my list of top 10 narrative movies of the year. I’ll do a separate list for documentaries.

1. Winter’s Bone, Debra Granik

2. Carlos, Olivier Assayas

3. John Rabe, Florian Gallenberger

4. Inception, Christopher Nolan

5. L’Affaire Farewell, Christian Carion

6. A Somewhat Gentle Man, Hans Petter Moland

7. Oliver Sherman, Ryan Redford

8. Womb, Benedek Fliegauf

9. The Robber, Benjamin Heisenberg

10. True Grit, Ethan Coen/Joel Coen

Honourable mentions: Daybreakers, The Fighter, In a Better World, Rabbit Hole, The Runaways, The Secret in Their Eyes, The Social Network, Splice, The Tenants, The Town, Uncle Brian, Youth in Revolt
Tags: film, film awards, films, foreign films, movies
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