Mathew Englander (mathew5000) wrote,
Mathew Englander

The Oscars

With the Oscars tonight, I thought I would post some shallow lists and comments, my opinions on some of the films that were, and were not, nominated.

Of the nine nominees for Best Picture, I've seen only six. I have no interest at all in seeing Philomena, and I never got around to seeing Captain Phillips or Nebraska (I don't usually love Alexander Payne films). I am hoping for 12 Years a Slave to win; I would be particularly unhappy if either Her or The Wolf of Wall Street receive any statues.

There are a few categories in which I've seen all the nominees: Best Production Design (I won't predict a winner here); Best Live Action Short Film (I will predict Aquel No Era Yo, which I thought was incredibly powerful; incidentally it's surprising that none of the films nominated in this cat are American); and Best Animated Short Film (my favourite was Room on the Broom but I think it's very unlikely to win).

Several of the best films of 2013, in my opinion, were not nominated for the Oscars, either because they weren't eligible, or they were eligible but nobody “campaigned” for them. Frankly, it’s kind of weird that campaigning would even work, sometimes I think, well, if you are a member of the Academy, why wouldn't you see 150 movies a year, that's only three a week, and then form your opinion, without needing to be influenced by ads in trade publications (“For your consideration”) or screeners sent out to be watched at home.

There were 289 feature films eligible for the Best Picture nomination this year (as well as most of the other categories: acting, cinematography, and so forth, excluding the special categories with their own rules, such as foreign-language film). Of those 289, I have seen 41, and here are my top ten:

1. 12 Years a Slave

2. The East

3. Gravity

4. American Hustle

5. Trance

6. Mud

7. The Spectacular Now

8. Prisoners

9. In a World...

10. Still Mine

In my next post, I will give my list of favourite 2013 movies that were not eligible for Oscar nomination.
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